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iCub::action Namespace Reference




class  ActionPrimitivesCallback
 Class for defining routines to be called when action is completed. More...
struct  ActionPrimitivesWayPoint
 Struct for defining way points used for movements in the operational space. More...
class  ActionPrimitives
 The base class defining actions. More...
class  ActionPrimitivesLayer1
 A derived class defining a first abstraction layer on top of actionPrimitives father class. More...
class  liftAndGraspCallback
class  touchCallback
class  ActionPrimitivesLayer2
 A class that inherits from ActionPrimitivesLayer1 and integrates the force-torque sensing in order to stop the limb while reaching as soon as a contact with external objects is detected. More...
class  ArmWayPoints
class  ArmWavingMonitor