C++ Tutorials

We recommend you first get accustomed with YARP. There are a list of tutorials available in this page: YARP Tutorials. In particular you should at least follow

The source code of the following tutorials is hosted in the icub-tutorials repository.

A list of tutorials on various topics from basic compilation, visual processing, to control in the operational space.

Advanced integration with the YARP framework require that you get used to the ResourceFinder:

C++ tutorials related to specific libraries

Online documentation for the libraries is available here: iCub libraries.

The following are some specific tutorials.

iKin library

Online documentation is available here: iKin online documentation.

iDyn library

Online documentation is available here: iDyn online documentation.

Learning Machine Library

These tutorials demonstrate how to interface with the learningMachine library. The easiest way is to use machine learning classes directly. The library also provides C++ abstract interfaces that facilitate migration to their learning methods; their use is illustrated in the intermediate and advanced tutorials. You should check all examples and choose the method that better suits your application.

Online documentation is available here: learningMachines online documentation.

Other libraries

Python Tutorials

These tutorials assume you installed the YARP and iCub bindings for Python. Follow installation instructions reported in the manual at Interoperability with other languages and middleware.

Module Documentation Tutorials