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iDynBody.h File Reference
#include <yarp/sig/Vector.h>
#include <yarp/sig/Matrix.h>
#include <iCub/ctrl/math.h>
#include <iCub/iKin/iKinFwd.h>
#include <iCub/iDyn/iDynInv.h>
#include <iCub/iDyn/iDynContact.h>
#include <deque>
#include <string>
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struct  iCub::iDyn::version_tag
class  iCub::iDyn::RigidBodyTransformation
class  iCub::iDyn::iDynNode
class  iCub::iDyn::iDynSensorNode
class  iCub::iDyn::iDynSensorTorsoNode
class  iCub::iDyn::iCubUpperTorso
class  iCub::iDyn::iCubLowerTorso
class  iCub::iDyn::iCubWholeBody


 This file contains the definition of unique IDs for the body parts and the skin parts of the robot.


#define RBT_HAS_SENSOR   true
#define RBT_NO_SENSOR   false
#define NODE_AFTER_ATTACH   true
#define NODE_NO_ATTACH   false


enum  iCub::iDyn::InteractionType {
enum  iCub::iDyn::FlowType {
enum  iCub::iDyn::JacobType {

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#define NODE_AFTER_ATTACH   true

Definition at line 104 of file iDynBody.h.


#define NODE_NO_ATTACH   false

Definition at line 105 of file iDynBody.h.


#define RBT_HAS_SENSOR   true

Definition at line 102 of file iDynBody.h.


#define RBT_NO_SENSOR   false

Definition at line 103 of file iDynBody.h.