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eth::HostTransceiver Class Reference

#include <hostTransceiver.hpp>

Public Types

enum  { maxSizeOfRXpacket = 1496 }
enum  {
  defMaxSizeOfROP = 256 ,
  defMaxSizeOfTXpacket = 768

Public Member Functions

 HostTransceiver ()
 ~HostTransceiver ()
bool init2 (AbstractEthResource *owner, yarp::os::Searchable &cfgtotal, eOipv4addressing_t &localIPaddressing, eOipv4addr_t remoteIP, uint16_t rxpktsize=maxSizeOfRXpacket)
AbstractEthResourcegetOwner ()
bool isEPsupported (const eOprot_endpoint_t ep)
bool isID32supported (const eOprotID32_t id32)
bool read (const eOprotID32_t id32, void *data)
bool write (const eOprotID32_t id32, const void *data, bool forcewriteOfReadOnly)
bool addROPset (const eOprotID32_t id32, const void *data, const uint32_t signature=eo_rop_SIGNATUREdummy)
bool addROPask (const eOprotID32_t id32, const uint32_t signature=eo_rop_SIGNATUREdummy)
bool parseUDP (const void *data, const uint16_t size)
const void * getUDP (size_t &size, uint16_t &numofrops)
bool getapplconfig (eOmn_appl_config_t &txcfg)
AbstractEthResourcegetResource ()
eOipv4addr_t getIPv4 ()

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