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adaptWinPolyEstimator.h File Reference
#include <deque>
#include <yarp/sig/Vector.h>
#include <iCub/ctrl/math.h>
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class  iCub::ctrl::AWPolyElement
 Basic element for adaptive polynomial fitting. More...
class  iCub::ctrl::AWPolyEstimator
 Adaptive window polynomial fitting. More...
class  iCub::ctrl::AWLinEstimator
 Adaptive window linear fitting to estimate the first derivative. More...
class  iCub::ctrl::AWQuadEstimator
 Adaptive window quadratic fitting to estimate the second derivative. More...


 This file contains the definition of unique IDs for the body parts and the skin parts of the robot.


typedef std::deque< AWPolyElement > iCub::ctrl::AWPolyList