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iKinIpOpt.h File Reference
#include <iCub/iKin/iKinInv.h>
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class  iCub::iKin::iKinIterateCallback
 Class for defining iteration callback. More...
class  iCub::iKin::iKinLinIneqConstr
 Class for defining Linear Inequality Constraints of the form lB <= C*q <= uB for the nonlinear problem NLP. More...
class  iCub::iKin::iCubAdditionalArmConstraints
 Class for dealing with additional iCub arm's constraints. More...
class  iCub::iKin::iKinIpOptMin
 Class for inverting chain's kinematics based on IpOpt lib. More...


 This file contains the definition of unique IDs for the body parts and the skin parts of the robot.