Calibrate the iCub's stereo system (both intrinsics and extrinsics). More...

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Calibrate the iCub's stereo system (both intrinsics and extrinsics).

Copyright (C) 2011 RobotCub Consortium

Author: Sean Ryan Fanello

Date: first release on 26/03/2011

CopyPolicy: Released under the terms of the GNU GPL v2.0.


The module performs the stereo calibration (both intrinsic and extrinsic parameters). A chessboard pattern is required, for convenience, a chessboard calibration image is provided in the icub-main/app/cameraCalibration/data directory. In the config file calibrationConf.ini you should have the following group:

boardWidth W
boardHeight H
boardSize S
numberOfImages N
MonoCalib value

This is the ONLY group used by the module. Other groups in your config file will be discarded. See below for the parameter description. Calibration results will be saved in the specified context (default is: $ICUB_ROOT/main/app/cameraCalibration/conf/outputCalib.ini). You should replace your old calibration file (e.g. icubEyes.ini) with this new one.

If you are using low resolution images (320x240) you should use a big chessboard pattern (i.e. with square side length of ~4cm).
Make sure to show the pattern horizontally.
Further information can be found in the wiki.


YARP libraries and OpenCV


–boardWidth numOfCornW

–boardHeight numOfCornH

–boardSize squareLength

–numberOfImages Num

–MonoCalib Val

Ports Created

Input Data Files


Output Data Files


Tested OS

Windows and Linux.

Sean Ryan Fanello