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class  iCub::iDyn::OneLinkNewtonEuler
class  iCub::iDyn::BaseLinkNewtonEuler
class  iCub::iDyn::FinalLinkNewtonEuler
class  iCub::iDyn::SensorLinkNewtonEuler
class  iCub::iDyn::OneChainNewtonEuler
class  iCub::iDyn::iCubArmSensorLink
class  iCub::iDyn::iCubLegSensorLink

Detailed Description

Classes for force/torque computation using Newton-Euler recursive formulation, both in the forward/backward sense.


OneLinkNewtonEuler is a class that provides Newton-Euler recursive formulation, for the computation of forces, moments and joint torques in a kinematic chain; both classical and "inverse" formulation are included; the classe is the basis for the computation of torques given force/torque sensor measurements, given any sensor anywhere in the dynamic/kinematic chain. BaseLink-, FinalLink- and SensorLink-NewtonEuler are derived class, to be used for computations. OneChainNewtonEuler defines a chain of OneLinkNewtonEuler corresponding to an iDynChain: it constructs a chain with a BaseLink, N OneLinks corresponding to the N iDynLinks of the iDynChain, and a FinalLink. BaseLink and FinalLink are used only to initialize the two phases of the Newton-Euler algorithm, thus they don't have a corresponding dynamic link but a virtual one.

Tested OS


Serena Ivaldi, Matteo Fumagalli

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