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YARP devices contained in icub-main . More...

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 Hardware YARP devices
 YARP devices that provide access to the robot hardware.
 Calibrator YARP devices
 YARP devices that contain the routines for calibrating the robot at startup.
 imuFilter.h device driver for apply a filter to remove gyro bias

Detailed Description

YARP devices contained in icub-main .

The YARP devices are classes that implement one or more YARP virtual interfaces. Most often they wrap vendor's libraries for hardware devices (dragonfly cameras, or the can bus), and the calibrator classes of the robot.

The compilation of these devices is typically optional and regulated by the ENABLE_devicename CMake option. The device can be instantiated from the yarpdev or yarprobotinterface executables or in the code by using yarp::dev::PolyDriver factory class.

Each device is stored in a directory within icub-main/src/libraries/icubmod .

To add a module to this list please add this in the source code:

   * @ingroup icub_mod_library
   * @brief `yarpdevicename` : device description.

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