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class  iCub::perception::SpringyFinger
class  iCub::perception::SpringyFingersModel

Detailed Description

An elastic model of the distal joints of the robot's fingers that enables to perceive contacts with external forces.

Ugo Pattacini

CopyPolicy: Released under the terms of the GNU GPL v2.0.


Essentially, this framework attemps to model the elastic properties of the distal joints of the fingers by carrying out a calibration stage where the fingers are left free to move in the space while acquiring sensors data. As result, the "springy" relations between the data acquired from motor joint encoders and the distal joints encoders are learnt relying on a Least-Squares SVM machine from the Learning Machine library. Finally, the model output consists of the metric distance between the vector of distal joints readings as currently acquired and the vector of quantities predicted by the machine.

This method represents a natural extension of the linear technique proposed in the paper: Design, Realization and Sensorization of the Dextrous iCub Hand.