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common.h File Reference
#include <yarp/sig/Vector.h>
#include <yarp/sig/Matrix.h>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <map>
#include <list>
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struct  iCub::skinDynLib::Skin_2_Body
struct  iCub::skinDynLib::Skin_2_Link


 This file contains the definition of unique IDs for the body parts and the skin parts of the robot.


enum  iCub::skinDynLib::VerbosityLevel {
  iCub::skinDynLib::NO_VERBOSE ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::VERBOSE ,
enum  iCub::skinDynLib::BodyPart {
  iCub::skinDynLib::BODY_PART_UNKNOWN =0 ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::TORSO ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::HEAD ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::LEFT_ARM ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::RIGHT_ARM ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::LEFT_LEG ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::RIGHT_LEG ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::BODY_PART_ALL ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::LOWER_BODY_PARTS ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::UPPER_BODY_PARTS ,
enum  iCub::skinDynLib::SkinPart {
  iCub::skinDynLib::SKIN_PART_UNKNOWN =0 ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::SKIN_LEFT_HAND ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::SKIN_LEFT_FOREARM ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::SKIN_LEFT_UPPER_ARM ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::SKIN_RIGHT_HAND ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::SKIN_RIGHT_FOREARM ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::SKIN_RIGHT_UPPER_ARM ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::SKIN_FRONT_TORSO ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::LEFT_LEG_UPPER ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::LEFT_LEG_LOWER ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::LEFT_FOOT ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::RIGHT_LEG_UPPER ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::RIGHT_LEG_LOWER ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::RIGHT_FOOT ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::SKIN_PART_ALL ,
enum  iCub::skinDynLib::HandPart {
  iCub::skinDynLib::INDEX ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::MIDDLE ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::RING ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::LITTLE ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::THUMB ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::PALM ,
  iCub::skinDynLib::ALL_HAND_PARTS ,


BodyPart iCub::skinDynLib::getBodyPart (SkinPart s)
 Get the body part associated to the specified skin part. More...
std::vector< SkinPartiCub::skinDynLib::getSkinParts (BodyPart b)
 Get the list of skin parts associated to the specified body part. More...
int iCub::skinDynLib::getLinkNum (SkinPart s)
 Get the link number associated to the specified skin part. More...
SkinPart iCub::skinDynLib::getSkinPartFromString (const std::string skinPartString)
 Get the SkinPart enum from the string version - essentially the opposite of SkinPart_s[]. More...
yarp::sig::Vector iCub::skinDynLib::toVector (yarp::sig::Matrix m)
 Converts a yarp::sig::Matrix to a yarp::sig::Vector. More...
yarp::sig::Vector iCub::skinDynLib::vectorFromBottle (const yarp::os::Bottle b, int in, const int size)
 Retrieves a vector from a bottle. More...
void iCub::skinDynLib::vectorIntoBottle (const yarp::sig::Vector v, yarp::os::Bottle &b)
 Puts a Vector into a bottle, by cycling through its elements and adding them as doubles. More...
yarp::sig::Matrix iCub::skinDynLib::matrixFromBottle (const yarp::os::Bottle b, int in, const int r, const int c)
 Retrieves a matrix from a bottle. More...
void iCub::skinDynLib::matrixIntoBottle (const yarp::sig::Matrix m, yarp::os::Bottle &b)
 Puts a matrix into a bottle, by cycling through its elements and adding them as double. More...
std::list< unsigned int > iCub::skinDynLib::vectorofIntEqualto (const std::vector< int > vec, const int val)
 Returns a list of indexes corresponding to the values of vec that are equal to val. More...


const std::string iCub::skinDynLib::BodyPart_s []
const std::string iCub::skinDynLib::SkinPart_s []
const Skin_2_Body iCub::skinDynLib::SkinPart_2_BodyPart [SKIN_PART_SIZE]
const Skin_2_Link iCub::skinDynLib::SkinPart_2_LinkNum [SKIN_PART_SIZE]
const std::string iCub::skinDynLib::HandPart_s []
static const int iCub::skinDynLib::ARM_FT_SENSOR_LINK_INDEX = 2
static const int iCub::skinDynLib::LEG_FT_SENSOR_LINK_INDEX = 1
static const int iCub::skinDynLib::ARM_DOF = 7
static const int iCub::skinDynLib::TORSO_DOF = 3