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boardTransceiver.cpp File Reference
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "boardTransceiver.hpp"
#include "FeatureInterface.h"
#include "EOYtheSystem.h"
#include "EoCommon.h"
#include "EOnv.h"
#include "EOnv_hid.h"
#include "EOrop.h"
#include "EoProtocol.h"
#include "EOdeviceTransceiver.h"
#include "EOprotocolConfigurator.h"
#include "EoProtocolMN.h"
#include "EoProtocolMC.h"
#include "EoProtocolAS.h"
#include "EoProtocolSK.h"
#include <yarp/os/LogStream.h>
#include <yarp/os/Time.h>
#include <yarp/os/Bottle.h>
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void fromDouble (ACE_Time_Value &v, double x, int unit)
void embOBJerror (eOerrmanErrorType_t errtype, eOid08_t taskid, const char *eobjstr, const char *info)
void eoy_initialise (void)
void boardtransceiver_fun_UPDT_mn_appl_cmmnds_go2state (const EOnv *nv, const eOropdescriptor_t *rd)
void boardtransceiver_fun_UPDT_mc_joint_cmmnds_interactionmode (const EOnv *nv, const eOropdescriptor_t *rd)
void cpp_protocol_callback_incaseoferror_in_sequencenumberReceived (uint32_t remipv4addr, uint64_t rec_seqnum, uint64_t expected_seqnum)


EOnvSet * arrayofnvsets [16] = {NULL}

Function Documentation

◆ boardtransceiver_fun_UPDT_mc_joint_cmmnds_interactionmode()

void boardtransceiver_fun_UPDT_mc_joint_cmmnds_interactionmode ( const EOnv *  nv,
const eOropdescriptor_t *  rd 

Definition at line 40 of file board_protocol_callback.c.

◆ boardtransceiver_fun_UPDT_mn_appl_cmmnds_go2state()

void boardtransceiver_fun_UPDT_mn_appl_cmmnds_go2state ( const EOnv *  nv,
const eOropdescriptor_t *  rd 

Definition at line 25 of file board_protocol_callback.c.

◆ cpp_protocol_callback_incaseoferror_in_sequencenumberReceived()

void cpp_protocol_callback_incaseoferror_in_sequencenumberReceived ( uint32_t  remipv4addr,
uint64_t  rec_seqnum,
uint64_t  expected_seqnum 

Definition at line 743 of file boardTransceiver.cpp.

◆ embOBJerror()

void embOBJerror ( eOerrmanErrorType_t  errtype,
eOid08_t  taskid,
const char *  eobjstr,
const char *  info 

Definition at line 394 of file boardTransceiver.cpp.

◆ eoy_initialise()

void eoy_initialise ( void  )

Definition at line 408 of file boardTransceiver.cpp.

Variable Documentation

◆ arrayofnvsets

EOnvSet* arrayofnvsets[16] = {NULL}

Definition at line 57 of file boardTransceiver.cpp.