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WorldOp Class Reference

#include <WorldOp.h>

Public Member Functions

void show () const

Public Attributes

WorldOpName kind
WorldOpName name
WorldOpIndex index
WorldOpTriplet location
WorldOpTriplet size
WorldOpTriplet color
WorldOpTriplet rotation
WorldOpScalar radius
WorldOpScalar length
WorldOpFlag active
WorldOpFlag dynamic
WorldOpFlag rightHanded
WorldOpFlag parameter
WorldOpName modelName
WorldOpName modelTexture
WorldOpFlag collide

Detailed Description

Definition at line 114 of file WorldOp.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ show()

void WorldOp::show ( ) const

Definition at line 72 of file WorldOp.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ active

WorldOpFlag WorldOp::active

Definition at line 126 of file WorldOp.h.

◆ cmd

WORLD_OP WorldOp::cmd

Definition at line 116 of file WorldOp.h.

◆ collide

WorldOpFlag WorldOp::collide

Definition at line 132 of file WorldOp.h.

◆ color

WorldOpTriplet WorldOp::color

Definition at line 122 of file WorldOp.h.

◆ dynamic

WorldOpFlag WorldOp::dynamic

Definition at line 127 of file WorldOp.h.

◆ index

WorldOpIndex WorldOp::index

Definition at line 119 of file WorldOp.h.

◆ kind

WorldOpName WorldOp::kind

Definition at line 117 of file WorldOp.h.

◆ length

WorldOpScalar WorldOp::length

Definition at line 125 of file WorldOp.h.

◆ location

WorldOpTriplet WorldOp::location

Definition at line 120 of file WorldOp.h.

◆ modelName

WorldOpName WorldOp::modelName

Definition at line 130 of file WorldOp.h.

◆ modelTexture

WorldOpName WorldOp::modelTexture

Definition at line 131 of file WorldOp.h.

◆ name

WorldOpName WorldOp::name

Definition at line 118 of file WorldOp.h.

◆ parameter

WorldOpFlag WorldOp::parameter

Definition at line 129 of file WorldOp.h.

◆ radius

WorldOpScalar WorldOp::radius

Definition at line 124 of file WorldOp.h.

◆ rightHanded

WorldOpFlag WorldOp::rightHanded

Definition at line 128 of file WorldOp.h.

◆ rotation

WorldOpTriplet WorldOp::rotation

Definition at line 123 of file WorldOp.h.

◆ size

WorldOpTriplet WorldOp::size

Definition at line 121 of file WorldOp.h.

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